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I finished my first Boston marathon two weeks ago. A prestige, perhaps the most well-known marathon in the world. The marathon itself was great and the crowd support was unparalleled to anything I had experienced. I suffered the last couple miles and was reduced to a walk multiple times during the last two miles. While I wasn't happy about that, I could honestly say I had left everything on the course. The four-months journey, as mentioned in the last post, was great. Frankly, even more memorable than the race itself. 
An hour after I crossed the finis line was when everything changed. By the time I walked through the shoot to get my medal, space blanket, food, and drop bag, I was almost at my hotel. I waited in the room for my friends, Emily and Anji to come back. And they did. Not too long after their return, we started hearing sirens and that was when Anji got a phone call. She picked up and I heard, "What!?" My heart sank. That didn't sound good and I was right.

Pre-Boston Thoughts

Over the past few months of training for Boston, I've learned a lot about running, training, and racing. It's not my first time running a marathon, obviously, but it's my first time to "properly" train for one. By properly I mean having a plan, following a plan, and sticking to each specific workouts like intervals, tempo, long, and recovery runs. As I'm writing this (4.10), the result of my training is unknown. What I do know is that it has been a wonderful journey with equally wonderful people. I've learned to be (somewhat) disciplined, to run with less fear, and to trust my coach. Let me unpack each one.

CONSISTENCY It all begins with having Jamey Yon as my coach. He's a former pro, a humble athlete with tremendous talent and achievement, hardworking, a father of five, a faithful Christian, a knowledgeable and caring coach...all in all a great human being. When he started to write my training plan for Boston, the first thing he said was, "You n…