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Annihilator 50K: An honest effort

This summer has proven to be eventful. June kicked off with a mission trip in Haiti and onward to spending the rest of June with eMi in Calgary, AB. I even had a taste of Big Horn, which resulted in agonizing headache and a DNF. July was marked with adjusting back to normal, but pierced with excitements like the Grandfather Mountain marathon and family visiting & a road trip. Comes August, the first event was the Annihilator 50K at South Mountain.

The Annihilator 50K was put on by Mark Connolly and Tim Woden from Bigfoot Trail Runners. On its Facebook event site, there's only one description: "If quads could cry this course will draw many tears." The race boasts its 9000+' gain and equal amount of loss, plus the heat and humidity of Carolina summer. Despite knowing how hard it was going to be, I was looking forward to a day - like an eight-hour work day - in the woods and mountains. The past two months of travelling and extroverted activities had their toll on m…