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24 Things about Hinson Lake 24-Hr Ultra

Here are things that went through my mind during the 24-hour run, somewhat chronologically:
"I get a decal, a glass, and a shirt!?" "Where's Peter?" Peter came the night before and set up camps. Sometimes I think he's gifted with 48 hours a day."Wow. People actually do plan to run the whole duration.""Mt. Hinson?" There's a section of the course with a slight incline. I'm sure it's a fitting name at some point approaching 100 miles. I didn't give myself a chance to find out."Haha" - upon hearing someone telling Sharon and I that we are on pace for women's 24-Hour American Record at mile 3."Maybe I should switch to my hybrid shoes." And I did. After the first 13 miles, I switched from my Altra road shoes to the Inov-8 TerraFly for a little more tread."25.84 miles? Eh, so close." 17 laps on the 1.52-mile loop - not quite a marathon."30.4 miles? Eh, another lap to make it a 50k."&q…

Odds and ends of Unsanctioned Race #3

The past Sunday we hosted the SLR Unsanctioned Race #3 - Paul-Ryan Almost Half Marathon. It's the third race of what has become a "series" of un-sponsored and unofficial event; hence the name Unsanctioned Race. At its heart, it's a gathering of runners, who love to share some miles, food, and laughter. The first time we had about 30 people. The second time Vac & Dash in Albermarle came along to become our unofficial sponsor by donating shirts and their timing services. Peter Asciutto, owner of Vac & Dash, drove an hour and a half with all his equipment and shirts for nothing to his gain but us. Needless to say, the second Unsanctioned Race doubled in size and people brought enough food to feed a village in India. Now the third time, people know the drill: free event with timing, good food, and lots of friends. We had about 115 who RSVP'd on the Facebook event and God provided the perfect fall weather for us.

As with most races, no-shows are expected. At …

Looking Glass Look Around

An email from Peter, the spearhead of Abana Coffee Farm in Ethiopia, made my almost-eight-hour 50k effort all worthwhile. This is probably the toughest run I've done in terms of vertical climb (~8-9000') and it's not even a race. The Looking Glass Look-Around is a 43-mile route around Looking Glass Rock in Pisgah near Brevard, NC mapped out by Brandon Thrower from WNC Trail Runner.  I was  one of the nine who started the run but the wimpiest of all who only covered 30-31 miles while others completed the loop (plus some).

I drove to Matt and Lily's pad in Brevard Friday night.  They have a great place that's within walking distance to downtown Brevard - cozy, sufficient, and welcoming like they are. I even snatched the guest room from Adam for arriving earlier than he did. While still dark at 6 a.m. Saturday morning, Matt, Kevin, and I set out to run to the start at Dividson River camping area and met up with everybody else.

A little after 7a.m., we were off! The c…

Blue Ridge Relay Ultra 2012

My second time running the Blue Ridge Relay and my first time in both an ultra team and a women team. I was filling in for someone who has to drop and while I feel bad for her missing all the fun, I'm so glad to be on this team, the Distance Divas!

We are a team of six women, in running order: Tiffany, Kate, me, Cheryl, Erica, and Wendy. I only knew half the team before the race but what better way to get to know people other than spending almost three day-and-nights together?

Here are my running stats:
Total distance - 29.95 miles
Total running time - 241.28 minutes
Average pace - 8:05 min/mile

As in all six-person team, we each run six legs of the race (36 total as a team). My favorite legs are the last two - a nine-mile run and a mountain goat leg.

The nine mile leg started at around 5 a.m., a time that my body is not accustomed to running. I started the run feeling hollow inside, probably because I had not fuel properly before the run. Who eats at 3 or 4 a.m.? I normally don&#…