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Triple Lake 40

If you want to read a good race recap, you should read this. I know; it’s a different race, by a different person. But it’s a great read, written by my friend, Derek, who is a trooper and a giant squirrel.

Now, back to Triple Lake 40 on Oct. 5, 2013.

I love long distance. Define “long” however you like; for me, it has always meant longer than I’d like to or normally run. At the moment, a 40-miler is long. Perhaps one day, a 50-miler will still not be enough. The reason I like running long distance, or pushing a little further than I am accustomed to, is because I get to experience so much more both emotionally and physically. Anything shorter than a 50k is somewhat predictable. I can expect that I’ll take me a couple miles to warm up, then there will come a low point, then there will be time I’m just cruising, then I’ll be done. But a new distance, like a 40-miler, is different. There’s both a thrill and a fear in not knowing what to expect. Am I running too fast? How will my legs re…