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Holiday Hoot + EPIC 24-hr

Let me being my recap of the weekend with a confession. I missed worship on Sunday. No excuse. I did, however, spent some qualify time in the beautiful nature He designed. We are in third week of Advent!
Saturday was the Holiday Hoot, my first ever swim meet. Captain Kirk (my personal adviser) encouraged me to try three events: 50 fly, 500 free, and 200 IM. Going into the meet, I was mostly nervous about about the IM -- all the start, turns, and transitions. I wasn't worried much about finishing last, but was much worried about getting disqualified for missing a touch, swim an extra stroke before my turn, or an extra kick here and there. I've heard from others that Coach Patty is notorious for putting some last minute relays together. At the deck, moments before the start of 200 free relay, I heard my name being called. Perhaps that was a good thing because it didn't leave me too much time to think or be nervous. I barely had the time to put my cap and goggles on, step on…


I love inspiration movies. Stories about dreams and passions, meaning and purpose, and courage and perseverance. I suspect a lot of people like them too since Hollywood keeps making them. They reminds us our dreams, give us the license to pursue our dreams, and perhaps ignites in us what has died. The new movie by Martin Scorsese, Hugo, however, is different. It's not about a boy finding his dreams. Rather, it's about a boy finding his purpose in restoring another person's dream. Hugo is a boy skilled in machinery and clockwork. From his point of view from the clock tower, the city works like a machine. And he knows there's no spare part in a machine. Each part has its purpose. An abandoned boy as he is, he believes that he is part of this world and thus has a purpose. What he hasn't pointed out explicitly in the movie is that each machine has a designer. Parts don't fall together by chance and become machines and clocks. There is no spare part because someone…