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The Scream! Half Marathon

If you've read/heard many glowing reports of the Scream! Half Marathon, mine is going to be less-enthusiastic. It is definitely a race of its own kind and it's worth doing it at least once. After all, this is the only -2700'+ downhill half marathon that I know of. The whole course can be divided in three big chunks of downhills with flats / uphills in between them. I finished in 1:37:26, a time I'm unlikely to replicate in any other half marathon.

As with most point-to-point race, the logistic is a little more complicated to begin with. This year, a fire has affected the campground where the finish area is and the park ranger made a last-minute order that parking at the finish was not allowed. That changed the whole plan. Hats off to RD David Lee for making quick adjustments which worked out smoothly. However, it still added another leg of shuttle for those who were shuttling to the start. We were fortunate that Kate was volunteering and she was able to drop us off at …