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Slum tours: a day trip too far? | Travel |The Observer

Link: Slum tours: a day trip too far? | Travel |The Observer

Ethics of tourism.
Salaam Baalak Trust in India has developed a city walk through the enchanting streets of the inner city of Paharganj and the New Delhi railway Station area. The city walk aims to sensitize people to the lives of street children and “the money raised (200 rupees a ticket - £2.50) goes to a local charity which tries to rehabilitate these children.”
What’s your take on this?

Haiti Day 1 - 2010.04.06

About a million Haitians live in DR, in hope of a better life. We visited one of the villages where they live.

Despite the living situation as you see in these photos, Haiti is much poorer than Dominican Republic. ”In 2003, 80% of all Haitians were poor (54% in abject poverty) and 47.1% were illiterate. The country of nine million people has a fast-growing population, but over two-thirds of the labor force lack formal jobs. Haiti’s per capita GDP (PPP) was $1,300 in 2008, or less than one-sixth of the Dominican figure,” according to CIA World Factbook. Many Haitians immigrated illegally to DR for the prospect of finding a job and a better life.

Judging by their rugged looks, these houses built with metal scraps look like they have style. In reality, these are all that are available to them to construct their homes with. Needless to say, the living condition is poor. The man who brought us to this village was an Italian in his 80s. He and his wife visited DR on a vacation after his ret…