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After months of anticipation, I finally called off my Peru trip with Climbing for Christ due to the spike in airfare. While disappointed, it seemed like the right thing to do. That was two Mondays ago. Wednesday of the same week, I was contacted by an eMI Project leader regarding a new project in Haiti, to masterplan and design some first phase buildings for a ministry which includes medical, education, feeding programs, crisis care, evangelism, and discipleship. Since I have been preparing to go on a mission trip and flights to Haiti is much more affordable, everything is in place for me to accept the timely invitation. Interestingly enough, this project also needs fundraising materials to be put together. Since leaving the SIL, the campus newspaper at Mac, I have been aching to take my camera and pick up my notepad and pen to write some stories. Perhaps this is my chance to do so. Brad, the leader of this project, just notified my today that my ticket to Haiti in June is purchased a…

26.2 Miles for eMi

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