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2011 Bent Creek Globbler

The first time I was at Bent Creek was a couple months ago when my sister and grandma came to visit. We stayed at a hotel only a mile or so away, so I sneaked out early in the mornings before they woke up for my trail-run-fix. Never thought I'd be visiting again so soon but I am not complaining.
The Globbler started in 2006 and this year we had 14 runners who participated in either the 16-miler or the full 50k. The course is a figure-8 loop with the first loop being slightly longer but much easier to follow. Adam, the organizer of the run, handed out maps and instructions at pre-run briefing. Looking at the directions, the directions for the second loop was at least three to four times longer than the first. I am convinced that if I were to do the second loop, it'd be a 50-miler, not 50k.
The run started out on an uphill gravel road. We climb and climb on which seems like forever. At one point, I spotted a bright orange jacket in the woods. As I got closer, I realized it was …

200 Miles...and some