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Marathon on the other 364 days

Umstead trail marathon registration was this morning. It's a race I've heard a lot about and I had every intention to sign up for  2013. The minor detail is I'm still injured and dropping more money on races doesn't seem wise. With that thought, I'm reviving an idea I had awhile back but never put any action into it: running (ultra)marathon course on the other 364 days (when it's free). While training for WV Trilogy, I had a couple of fun, organized but informal long runs. While there is no swag of any kind, the experience of sharing time and trails with others is priceless.
I've quickly put together this wiki site and included a few marathons which I'd like to run and perhaps you would, too?  Check it out and leave a comment if you have any suggestions on course and dates, and/or opinions of any kind. If there is more interest, I'll start nailing down more details on these "unsanctioned marathons."