Big Rocks

​The "Big Rocks of Life" analogy keeps coming back. I have been contemplating on going on another eMi trip this year, but fear that it'd interfere with my fundraising to becoming a full-time staff with eMi and also drains more of my resources. The analogy came back and reminded me to put the important things - the big rocks - first, and other things will fall into place. A day after I've made up my mind about going, a few affirmations came rolling in. Yes, yes, I get it. Mind the big rocks first.

Last Friday night, I witness more big rocks - the important stuff - in running. It was Derek's race, the Night Mare. In many ways, a lot of us have also taken ownership of it - even me, a participant/consumer/spectator. I saw many familiar faces at the race, and then even more that were volunteering. The Revolutions crew rocks. They were selfless, and they sacrificed their time for the benefit of others. They even suffered for others, spending hours and hours in a cold, dark night outside​. I'm absolutely floored and humbled by the effort that was put forth by the crew, like Brian, Amanda, Ricky, Kelly, James, Christy and Susan.

After I had done by three laps, I immediately changed and put 20 layers of clothes on. At the race quarters, Mary was about to go back out for another shift at the aids. She asked if I'd go with her. I hesitated and she saw it. She smiled and didn't say no more. About 10 minutes later, I saw her at the back of a tractor, going back out into the cold and dark. I was - am - ashamed. Mary, I wish I am brave and selfless like you are. Like many of my races, I am not going to remember my time, my place, or even the ankle twists; but I will remember the friendship, the selfless acts, and the bond we have as a team. Those are the big rocks in running.

Two days later came the sad news that legendary Coach Dean Smith has passed. I came across video tributes and articles about him. Above all, this quote from him stuck: 
"You should never be proud of doing the right thing; you should just do the right thing!" 
His life also reminds me that we are capable of doing great things. And it is made possible by relentless pursuit of doing the right thing. That's a big rock, isn't it?

Running yesterday, I was a little frustrated at myself again. I felt slow, and shin was still hurting. But that's missing the point, I realized a few miles later. Running is not just about time. I miss the big rocks by focusing on pace and time. It's worth the struggle (and extra time) if it's teaching me to become a better runner and a better person... and that's what I really should focus on. I give up too easily sometimes...

I realize this is more a rambling than an organized post. However, this is why I love running. The lessons I am learning in life parallels, crisscrosses, and interjects what I am learning as a runner. Like this post, life is a little messy, but that's what makes it exciting!
​"​Whatever you do, work heartily,as for the Lord and not for men​" ​​Colossians 3:23

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