26.2 for eMi

26.2-mile is a long journey. Running through sweat, pain, and fatigue has always been a reminder of what "no escape" feels like for me. No escape, no shortcut, only faithfulness in a single direction. Such is life for so many in the world today living in poverty. For me, there is hope at the end of 26.2 miles. But for many, there is no escape and there is no hope.

eMi (engineering Ministries International) exists to remedy that and we need your help and partnership. Your donation will enable us to continue to provide architectural & engineering services in less-fortunate countries and to serve the poor. Since 1982, eMi has worked on over 800 relief and development projects in 80 countries, designing hospitals, orphanages, schools, clean water projects and more.

Would you be willing to lend a hand?

I'm excited to join Team eMi at Calgary Marathon (5.27.2012) again. It's a chance for us to promote the work we are so privileged to be part of, and to raise funds for something we believe in. Please join us to provide hope for those without.

Wants to train with us? I'm putting up a weekly mileage challenge on Sweat for a Cause for our marathon training. Check it out:

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