Winning what?

"Here you are, about to play a game that the world says is the most important thing in the world. Win and they praise you. Lose and they crush you. And here I have a chance to talk to the coolest, most courageous people. It puts it all into perspective. The game doesn't really matter. I mean, I'll give 100 percent of my heart to win it, but in the end, the thing I most want to do is not win championships or make a lot of money, it's to invest in people's lives, to make a difference."
Christmas Eve, when the Broncos lost to Buffalo Bills, Comedian Bill Maher posted an inflammatory tweet, ridiculing Tebow's faith. What he doesn't understand is Jesus is not about winning a football game. When you win, it's not because Jesus' showing favoritism towards you. When you lose, it's not because God hates you and neglects your prayers. For all I know, God cares about how we play more than anything else. He has a different perspective on success and failure than we do. We look at results; He looks at our hearts. We care about fame and material gains; He cares about us as human beings and our character.
For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? -Mark 8:36
Tebow's perspective on winning is a good reminder to putting my priorities in check. What do I want to win in life?
"You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; it was never between you and them anyway." -Mother Teresa
How do you play your game?


  1. Thumbs up on this post! I was wondering if you run with a GPS, and if so, do you have a reading for the elevation from the first half of the Bent Creek Gobbler?

    1. Here it is: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/131089005