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This post is dedicated to my friends -- to thank them for celebrating my birthday, and making me feel loved and overwhelmed by it. My pastor David Chadwick is right when he says our love for Christ is directly proportional to how much we know about our sins. And so is the amount of gratefulness and love I have for all my friends because I know I do not deserve any of it.

  1. Thank you Alis, Chantal, and Sabina for the post-practice celebration, the wonderful gifts, the hand-decorated bag, and the time it takes to do it.
  2. Thanks Kate for the best birthday party ever -- I really mean the best ever and I am still overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and care. The Jedi birthday pin will stay on my backpack for at least a year. And thank you for picking my glass of wine for me. Reading that wine list was like looking at a page of foreign language. Like you've said, here's to many more miles and movies and more.
  3. Thanks Ellis for the box of Clif bars, especially when you "ran" to get it the morning of. It's been a pleasure working with you and sharing a lot of common interests.
  4. Thanks the Sunday Long Run Crew who all came out on a Tuesday night for me. I always look forward to Sundays to run and hang out with all of you.
  5. Thank you VS East for the hilarious Gnome card. It's a keeper.
  6. Thank you VS West also for your card. And Missy, I felt the hugs.
  7. Thank you Patty for playing the birthday song and looking through long list of names to spot each and everyone's birthday. I think you are the one who keeps us all going.
The danger of writing a post like this is missing out important people whom I need to thank, and I'm sure I have. I also think that this will be a growing list...there will never be enough space to thank the people who have influenced/helped/inspired/loved/nurtured me. I am infinitely grateful.

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