What would you do for free?

The final report of the CEDAN project in Haiti came in the mail some time ago. It was nice to see the summation of our effort in a tangible format. The architectural scope is to design a new multipurpose building which will house a school, a clinic, a meeting place for the community, and some housing. Meanwhile, the team of engineers make sure infrastructures like electricity, water, and septic are in place to support the building and its service to the occupants.

Flipping through this report brought me back to the good times we spent in Haiti. I still have some unfinished business there, which is to run the complete loop of mountains ridges aptly named "The Necklace."

I believe our strongest passion is found in things that we are willing to do for free. Perhaps even for the rest of your life. For me, being able to provide design services to better lives and be able to run in God's creation are two things that I'll do for free for the rest of my life.

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