My lunchtime runs

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. -Isaiah 26:3
This week, I had two lunchtime run. I confess that I couldn't concentrate at my desk. Everyday, having been working and sitting down for three to four hours, I start dreaming about trails and mountains and hearing my own running footsteps on soft soil. I often wonder whether my co-workers realize how much I move around in my chair during certain time of the day.

There's something else this week. I started to worry about things that I shouldn't have and lost sight of what I should keep focusing on. Running distills my thoughts. Perhaps even my life. Everything becomes simpler while I run because it reminds me once again being human and acquiring joy is simple and innate. God has designed us to be able to experience joy in running, by being in nature, and by acknowledging that He is in control. Although in return, we complicates our lives by finding our security somewhere else and our joy in things that will never satisfy us.

My lunchtime runs were brutal. Humidity found its way back in this week and temperature was at 90+. While I vowed I'd never be this stupid again, I faithfully returned the next day because at the end, it was still way better to get out of that chair.

Wrapped this week up with a two-mile swim at Lake Lure with a bunch of SwimMac folks. Fun times.

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