LOST race

LOST Race 2011
Lake Ontario Swim Team hosts an annual race at Lake Ontario, starting in Oakville. It began four years ago with only eight swimmers and grew to 68 last year to become the biggest swimming event in the area. This past weekend, I was in town coincidentally to be one of the 85  participants at the race.

The race starts in Oakville, ON, and follows the shoreline for 3.8k / 2.4 miles to finish at the Lighthouse Pier in downtown Oakville. The lighthouse is the perfect landmark for sighting, and finishing means touching the giant Canadian Flag which drapes over the side of the pier. Water temperature was 70F, which was considered warm for Lake Ontario and to the LOSTies who were experienced in swimming much cooler water temperature. For me, it was as cold as I had ever swam. Seeing over half the people with wetsuits ease my mind for having one.

Aside from cooler temperature, the water is relatively calm. It became choppier at the end when the wind started to pick up; but by that time, most people were already done. My official time was 1:14:43. Bud Seawright, who won another 10k race just a week ago, also won this race with 0:47:03. Incredible, right?

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