UltraSwim - Timing prelims

The Charlotte UltraSwim uses Colorado 6000 timing system. But when a stopwatch was handed to me, the thought that I could wreck months and months of hard work swimmers put in to take off fractions of a second in their performance kept me on my toe. As swimmers step on the block and take their mark, my eyes are fixed on the strobe. Once the strobe goes off, my stopwatch starts. When the swimmer approaches the wall on the last lap, I hunch over the edge of the pool to watch for his/her hand(s) to touch the wall and - as quickly as my reflex allows - press both the plunger and my stopwatch simultaneously. To say the least, it's an exhilarating experience.

Michael Phelps took the Olympic Gold from Cavic by 1/100 of a second in 2008.  In a sport that time is (almost) everything, I am glad that technology has closed the gap of human error.

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