UltraSwim - Michael Phelps

Day three of Charlotte UltraSwim. I was an anti-doping volunteer, helping USADA to carry out drug test on swimmers. While waiting, I watched a couple of final events, including Men's 200 Fly. Many great, world class swimmers were at the meet, but Michael Phelps was at the center of all focus. Winning eight gold medals in one Olympic has elevated him to the status of a hero. We wanted our hero to win. We cheered; We stomped; we roared. But I was left moaned as Wu Peng pulled ahead in the final 50m and took another win of the 200 fly which was once "Phelps event." Last month, Wu overcame Phelps, ending his winning streak. To see Phelps swim live for the first time and see him lose is a disappointment, I have to admit.

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