Things I learned from a lonesome 20.91-mile run

The list of things I learned from a lonesome 20.91-mile run is almost synonymous with the things-I-have-done-wrong list. First off, I shouldn’t be running alone. Running partner(s) is priceless. American Express should make a commercial out of that. Second, which is an extension of the first, I wasn’t prepared to be running alone. Last week when I did my first 20 miler with my friend, he lent me his glide, gel, and gatorade. This time, I had water and a granola bar. Although it worked out fine - aka I survived - but I could have done better. Third, I didn’t take into account the heat. Starting at 7am at around 70 degrees, it reached 80s pretty soon. Running through pavement under the scorching sun was miserable.

As a result of these compounded mistakes, I had to walk a lot more this time than last and took 4 hours to finish. Despite all that, it was still a very good learning experience, which I could say as I lay comfortably on my bed with a roof (and fan) over my head.

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