My new normal includes a 9 mile bike ride to work, and another 9 mile back, Monday to Friday. For cyclists, that’s hardly a workout. For those who drive everywhere, that’s unfathomable. For me, it’s a conviction, a choice, and a gift. Aside from some apparent benefits, like saving money and the environment, biking early in the morning and at the end of a work day mean having quiet down times with myself and God. I can’t think of a better way to start as well as to end a day.

Biking isn’t always easy, especially the steady climb-up on the way home. Head wind and rude drivers are not my friends. I had cars brushed up against me, or honk at me because I was riding on a bike-lane-turned-right-turn-lane. But still, I have nothing to complain about. I’ve seen women and children needing to hike half a day up a mountain to get clean water every single day. I’ve seen people sleeping on dirt at our gate over night. What is a 45-minute bike ride compare to these? If it is anything at all, it’d be a reminder of their determination to survive and a way to share a wee bit of their hardship. I’ve been thinking about them a lot this week. I pray that God is putting as much joy in their hearts as He puts in mine.

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