Day 7 Casale Haiti with eMi

Brazil’s lost in the World Cup means the end of its flag flying in Casale, Haiti. Though we are generally out of touch with the World Cup, the occasional roaring from the crowd listening to the radio next door signals us that a game is on and help us keeping track with the score. The lost must be a big upset for them. However, a few hours later, they watched Ghana VS Uruguay with the same intensity nonetheless.

I gone out with the surveyors at 6 am today and had some good times up on the mountain at the site. I feel like I’ve learned a lot in this trip. Architectural-wise, after spending around 4 hours in meetings yesterday, I am making some progress on the design of the Work Team Facility. You could forget how to design, did you know that? I didn’t. It took me a few days to feel really stupid and to get back into gear. I can’t think of a better way to prepare myself to get back to work but to jump right in on a mission trip, aka a 5 days design charrette. We will present our work to the ministry tomorrow and that means crunch time tonight. Everyone is helping out with the model, Sarah is finishing up the masterplan, and I am getting the Work Team Facility ready.

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