Jim Elliot

I’m reading Jim Elliot’s journal in preparation for a class presentation and have been blessed over and over again by his words.

Such a relief as I read his process of discernment of God’s calling. In deciding between going to Ecuador and India, he asked, “How is one to decide when the heart is equally torn for both works, and one’s capabilities fit either sphere?”

He also quoted George Macdonald, “Obedience is the opener of eyes.”

In a similar chain of thoughts, Elliot said, “I must act in a holy manner, not for reward or appearance, but because of God’s nature.”

“O Lord, you see the places secret in me, you know all my wanderings and reserves. If you see anything in me that is holding back the clear revelation of your will about Ecuador, uncover it to me, I pray.”

I really like his analogies of keeping on track as riding on railroad:

“Obedience to every command puts me on the track and keeps me there. Decisions of course must be made, but as in railroad, so in life - a block signal, a crisis, is lighted only where there is special need. I may not always be in sight of a “go” light, but sticking to the tracks will take me where the next one is. Understanding the will of the Lord is believing Him, that He will - in all situations where I have obeyed - make that way His own way, effectual for eternity.”

In quietness and trust, may God reveals His will.

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