ATB: Pain, memories, and joy

Have you ever experienced post-something depression? Like the post-Olympic depression many Canadian experienced. Or post-vacation depression? I get that after spending a week or so with a group of people and I’d miss them terribly when the trip is over. Well, my post-Around-the-Bay depression has hit me. It’s not so much about the race, but the wonderful people I ran with.

Today, I learned that running long distance is about how much pain you can endure; And the joy is to run with people and finish side by side. Frankly, I don’t remember much about the race. There was a lot of pain but I couldn’t remember how I managed to finish. That is three hours of my life which I probably only remember a few minutes of. However, I did snap a few “kodak moments” in my head. Oh, how I hope I could print them out. I remember high-fiving Christine right after the finish line. I remember the ecstatic joy when we found Lexi and Jenny who both finished way before I did. I remember being intimidated by the stairs going down to the exit at COPP because I could barely walk. Oh joy.

Thanks the Lord that I could run. Thank you for the amazing human body that recovers so much after a meal and a nap. Thank you all who graciously introduced me to the world of running.

Three hours well spent, I must say.

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