Help Haiti: Training for Solidarity

On January 30th (Saturday), Runner’s Den (Westdale & Hamilton) is partnering up with Runner’s Free (Toronto) to host 2 simultaneous run, Training for Solidarity, in effort to raise funds for relief and long term projects in Haiti. I met with the owner of Runner’s Den, Esther Pauls this morning. She has a long term relationship with Haiti since 1991. Upon seeing the devastation in Haiti during her first trip, she started Hope and Joy for Haiti, a ministry supported by dedicated volunteers who offer their time and energy to help the children and people of Haiti. Since then, they have built schools and churches, and catalyzed other capacity building projects. Looking into the future, Hope and Joy for Haiti hopes to begin an empowering micro-finance programs to equip Haitians with practical skills and provide fundings for small business that will bring about sustaining change.

Esther’s passion for Haitians is not letting her just sit and watch and you could do something as well!

Ways to get involved:

RUN! I’ve decided to do a 10K run. What about you?
Pledge and donate. This is a “pay what you can” event. Please consider supporting the run by pledging whatever you can. Contact me if you are interested in supporting me in this run.
For more information, you could also visit: Runner’s Den - http://runnersden.com/ Hope and Joy for Haiti - http://www.joyandhopeofhaiti.ca/

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